Beyond Foolishness, the Business Builder

This is the second in a series of articles where we take a look at how entrepreneurs grow and adapt from early mistakes to big success.

After theFoolish start” most entrepreneurs get when they first decide to start their own businesses. The next stage of entrepreneur is the “Builder,” an individual who has gone out and put his money and time into an effort and begun to make hard contact with reality. While facing challenges, the builder is pushing through them step by step.

The Builder

The builder has recognized that there are difficulties in entrepreneurship, and now she spends a lot of time looking for and trying to anticipate the next hurdle or problem. She has taken a few knocks and has survived a few hard-fought battles, but she does not yet have a success on her hands. She is beginning to realize that there is a lot out there that she doesn’t know. The realization that there are huge areas of uncertainty is still a bit unsettling, but it is something that this mid-level entrepreneur is growing to accept. The builder has overcome the initial stages of difficulty, and she has chosen to double down into the effort to succeed. Like a boxer that has been up against the ropes for too long, she finds a way to keep her hands up and is beginning to push forward. She is starting to hit back and find a way to win.

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