image11Kevin Ready
loves building things and helping people to build things. Over the last 25 years, he has built, run, consulted for, and advised numerous start-ups and businesses.  For him, there is nothing more interesting than understanding business models and the problems that entrepreneurs come up against in their markets. As he says often, It is my work and my play. I never get tired of it.

Born into an engineering family, Ready started his first company right out of college. While the venture was a success, he saw the limitations to scaling the business. As the Internet era took shape, he joined the “tech wave” through the late 1990s, starting several online businesses. Years before Facebook, he was a founder of a social networking site with nearly one million users. Later, he and a partner spun off and sold a digital mapping business, then moved on to become an online software and media retail business that merged with a larger rival in 2008.

That same year, he became a partner at an online real estate business that was in crisis mode. By applying the lessons presented in this book, he helped turn the business around. Just 13 months later, it was acquired by the newspaper industry. Kevin became General Manager in charge of the brand, and continues to lead the team today. In 2012, Kevin also launched, a new consumer-focused automotive industry brand. hit break-even within 9 months of its launch, and grew to a $30m+ business within 2 years.

Kevin is now General Manager at CoStar Group, a NASDAQ traded real estate data company where he builds products and leads a corporate R&D team. He is also a contributor at Forbes, and an active author and public speaker.


Resources For Growth:

Startup: An Insider’s Guide to Launching and Running a Business

Backed up by stories of both his successes and failures, Ready helps readers learn shortcuts to help them do what eight out of 10 entrepreneurs can’t: Build and sustain a successful start-up.